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Re: logis as root?


First off, to avoid that "permission denied" message, make sure your
mounts of "/", "/usr/bin" and "/usr/lib" are system mounts, not user
mounts.  Try cutting and pasting the output of

$ mount -m | grep -i cygwin | sed 's/ -u / -s /'

into your bash shell (after proper inspection, of course, and I also
suggest you save the full output of "mount -m" first so you can recover
your mount table if something goes wrong).  "man mount" for details.

Now, as far as root is concerned, Unix programs think of "root" as uid 0.
The Cygwin versions of those programs are usually patched to consider uid
18 to be root (this corresponds to the LocalSystem account, which has very
high privileges on NT systems, unlike the Administrator account).

I'm not sure what xdm considers root (it's in the source, I'm sure).  You
might have better luck asking on the <cygwin-xfree at cygwin dot com>
list, which is for all things X.
P.S. Incidentally, which "su" are you using?

On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, Salvo wrote:

> Hi all,
> I know that the nice cygwin isn't Unix, but there is a manner to be
> "root"?
> I use it in Windows XP as administrator with name "salvo", but if I run
> "xdm" cygwin says:
> "$ xdm
> Only root wants to run xdm"
> Is I type "su" it says:
> "$ su
> su: user root does not exist"
> If login as Administrator I get:
> "$ login Administrator
> Password: ********
> Fanfare!!!
> You are successfully logged in to this server!!!
> login: no shell: /bin/bash: Permission denied"
> My passwd file has:
> "Administrator:unused_by_nt/2000/xp:500:544:U-WITTGENSTEIN\Administrator
> ,S-1-5-21-1390067357-1202660629-1060284298-500:/home/root:/bin/bash
> Salvo:unused_by_nt/2000/xp:1003:544:U-WITTGENSTEIN\Salvo,S-1-5-21-139006
> 7357-1202660629-1060284298-1003:/home/Salvo:/bin/bash"
> There are /home/root and /home/Salvo directories.
> How can I do?
> Many thanks in advance!
> Salvo Micciché

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