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Packaging software built with Cygwin

This is probably an FAQ, but I haven't been able to find any answers on the
FAQ page at

I'm the maintainer of Hercules, an emulator for IBM mainframe systems that
runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and other Unix-style OSes, and Windows via Cygwin.
It's distributed under an OSD-compliant license (the QPL).

Currently, we distribute the package without any Cygwin DLLs. Many of our
users would like to install Hercules and the necessary DLLs without having
to install of Cygwin, or any more than they have to; they're not interested
in the Cygwin environment more than is required to run Hercules. Further,
since Cygwin is such a moving target, I'd like to be able to give the users
an easy way to install the version of the DLLs that corresponds to the
version of Cygwin which I used to build the package.

Under what terms can I distribute the DLLs? Can I just build up a .zip file
with the required files and a copy of the GPL, or will I have to maintain
multiple versions of the source code for download as well? (If the latter,
I'll probably blow it off entirely; I don't have that kind of disk space.)
If I can't distribute the files themselves, is there a simple way to
distribute a file that can be fed to setup.exe that will result in only the
needed files being downloaded?

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