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Re: sshd can't do publickey auth with .ssh linked to /cygdrive/c/rest/of/path

i'm still not subscribed to this list so i would be grateful if i could be left on the cc: line of this thread.

At 04:26 PM 2/3/2003, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Marc Bejarano wrote:
>> i tried to link my ~/.ssh to "/cygdrive/c/Documents and
>> Settings/<username>/Application Data/Van Dyke Technologies/SecureCRT/"
>> because i thought it was the most straight-forward way to share my identity
>> files. this breaks incoming publickey auth to cygwin openssh sshd.

>> Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory /cygdrive/c

>> d--------- 15 65535 65535 0 Feb 3 04:11 /cygdrive/c/

>> so my question: is there a way to make this work? can i change the
>> mode/ownership bits on a /cygdrive mountpoint? or can i tell the sshd to
>> be less security-conscious?

>Before you do anything as drastic as a "chmod -R a+rx /cygdrive/c"

i'm not convinced even drastic measures will help. sshd thinks /cygdrive/c is a directory. it is worried about the modes of the dir, itself. unfortunately, even when i'm logged in as user Administrator, i can't seem to make any changes to it:
[Administrator@beej-lap]/:{1}:$ chmod 755 /cygdrive/c
chmod: changing permissions of `/cygdrive/c': Permission denied

and on the windoze side of things, i don't know how to set permissions for a drive.

btw: i am not a domain user.

>try the following:
>$ mv /etc/passwd /etc/passwd-old
>$ mv /etc/group /etc/group-old
>$ mkpasswd -l > /etc/passwd
>$ mkgroup -l > /etc/group

>And see if this helps.

nope :(

>In other words, your /etc/{passwd,group} files seem to be incomplete, so
>you need to regenerate them.

can you try making your .ssh link to a /cygdrive/c path and see if it works for you?


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