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Re: Why won't my files link?

Nick Miller wrote:
> Hey!!!  Thank you both for your quick responses!  To clear things up,
> let me say this... all of my files are in the same directory.  This
> directory is...
> c:/cygwin/home/Owner/
> So, then when I want to run an executable that is in that directory, I
> have to use the "./" prefix to run an executable that has been
> created. Elfyn already addressed that though, so I should be able to
> change my path variable and make it so that I do not have to append
> the "./" prefix for the executables.  Executable meaning using the
> ".exe" suffix.  All of the header files and C files are in the same
> directory, as I said.  I will try the stuff that Elfyn suggested and
> get back to you.  I cannot fully compile all of the files on their
> own... I mean... I can do "gcc -c filename.c", and that works fine
> for all files that I am talking about. However, I am assuming that
> full compilation into ".o" files will not work because some of the
> files are not meant to stand alone.  I hope this is not confusing!

Sorry, you are confused.
gcc -c foo.c -o foo.o
gcc -c bar.c -o bar.o
gcc foo.o bar.o -o myprog.exe

.c files go to .o files one at a time.
A group of .o files goes to an .exe

The phrase "full compilation into .o files" does not make sense.

Post the *exact* commands you are using and the *exact* error messages you


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