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Re: Why won't my files link?

Hey!!!  Thank you both for your quick responses!  To clear things up, let
me say this... all of my files are in the same directory.  This directory


So, then when I want to run an executable that is in that directory, I
have to use the "./" prefix to run an executable that has been created.
Elfyn already addressed that though, so I should be able to change my path
variable and make it so that I do not have to append the "./" prefix for
the executables.  Executable meaning using the ".exe" suffix.  All of the
header files and C files are in the same directory, as I said.  I will try
the stuff that Elfyn suggested and get back to you.  I cannot fully
compile all of the files on their own... I mean... I can do "gcc -c
filename.c", and that works fine for all files that I am talking about.
However, I am assuming that full compilation into ".o" files will not work
because some of the files are not meant to stand alone.  I hope this is
not confusing!


On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Max Bowsher wrote:

> Elfyn McBratney wrote:
> >> So I am new to Cygwin, but I am enjoying it so far.
> >
> > Kewl! :::::::-)
> >
> >> I am having a
> >> problem, though, please respond if you can... I have three C files
> >> (all ending in .c), and I can compile them with GCC by using the -c
> >> switch. Then, I want to link all three of the object files that I
> >> have created (ending in .o) and make an executable which uses all
> >> three.  My file called main.c has two include lines, which says to
> >> include "io_functions.h" and "fun.h".  Then I am using this line to
> >> link everything and make the executable...
> >
> > Right. To all of the files you are tryin to compile (the *.c files
> > and the
> > *.h files) reside in the same directory? If so you should be using a
> > command similar to
> >
> > $ gcc -I.-c fun.c
> Missing space between '-I.' and '-c'. Why would you want to use -I. ?
> #include "file" searches there anyway.
> > You might try compiling each file (into an executable) before,
> > in-case there are errors, so you'll have peace of mind that they'll
> > actually compile.
> Do you mean (into an object) ?
> Max.

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