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Free Gnu Makefiles for all Petzold programs

I have just completed 145 Gnu makefiles that allow anyone
with the free Cygwin tool set to compile and execute all of
the example programs which Charles Petzold describes in his
"Programming Windows Fifth Edition" book, which is the
standard reference book on Microsoft's WIN32 API.

I freely distribute these 145 makefiles in a .ZIP file,
along with an installation program that will copy them into
Petzold's directory structure, from my web page at:

Only 5 of the 145 programs require user intervention to
compile with the Gnu compiler, which is not bad for porting
that many programs to a new compiler, especially given
Microsoft's lax adherence to standards.

You are free to use these makefiles with whatever version
of the Cygwin tools you prefer, but I created them for use
with the MinGW based integrated development environment that
is part of my computer programming curriculum.

Petzold's book is expensive enough, so it's great that these
makefiles and the Cygwin tools mean that you don't need to send
another $100 Microsoft's way to purchase their Visual C/C++

John Kopplin

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