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assimilation cmd towards cygwin/bash


I know, this won't be a real Cygwin question, well, anyway...
As I got quite used to Cygwin and Linux I began assimilating the cmd
console's look and feel towards Unix style (name completion, 'ls,la,ll'
instead of 'dir..' etc.).
Unfortunately, there's still one big, annoying MS-feature: one must
enter 'exit' in order to terminate the cmd console.
Well, I mapped a doskey macro to it, so 'Q-Enter' will also do, but I'm
accustomed to the shortcut 'Ctrl-D' (without 'Enter') and would like to
use this in conjunction with the cmd console as well.
Does anyone know whether this could be done in Windows XP?
I surmise, I once did a tweak ten years ago dealing with Windows 3.1 -
one could 'abuse' a system variable named WINPRMT to map the 'Esc' key
value ('Ctrl-P-Esc') to the 'exit >nul' command, so hitting Escape closed
the Dos console, it required ANSI.SYS to be loaded.
Any new suggestions for Windows XP?

Best wishes,


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