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extraneous 'I' in ps output

Here's a simple test case that shows the behavior I'm seeing:
$ dummy=`ps > /tmp/foo`
$ cat /tmp/foo
I    1268       1    1268       1268  con 12917 07:42:04 /usr/bin/bash
     1388    1268    1268       1388  con 12917 07:42:19 /usr/bin/bash
     1408    1388    1408       1332  con 12917 07:42:20 /usr/bin/ps

Anytime ps is called from command substitution, an 'I' gets
prepended to the line for the top shell.

I'm running install on windoze2k which in running under
vmware hosted by deadrat8.0.

Due dilligence: I tried a fresh install of all of cygwin; same
results.  Nothing jumping out from the FAQ.  A search of the mail
archives on "ps" returned 0 hits (?!). There's no manpage for ps.
The online user guide doesn't mention that the floating 'I' should
be there.  Google turned up nothing obvious. ps isn't in its own
package, and I can't find docs on where to look to find out in which
package it was delivered. procps looked promising, so I installed
source for it as well as gdb, make, and gcc, but the build fails
with 'TIOCGWINSZ undeclared'.  Any other suggestions are most
welcome; I tend to prefer helping myself in an effort to minimizing
list noise, but I've run out of ideas.
J.D. Laub (Laubster) |"Your leg's too long / Your skull's too strong /  | Suppose your nose is wrong." - Renaldo & the Loaf

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