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Re: document heap_chunk_in_mb?

On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 09:04:42PM -0600, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
>> > Any volunteers to document heap_chunk_in_mb?  It's conspicuously missing
>> > in the documentation, AFAICT.
>> > 
>> > Although, hmm, I haven't seen many complaints about this recently.  That's
>> > odd.  Maybe the overflow code in the new malloc is actually working.
>> Sure. What does it do? :)
>In more seriousness, where should this be documented? 
>I found a couple of good posts, the best being DJ's:
>(though I believe the 'normal' max is now 256MB).
>His test program (on my machine with 256MB physical memory) gives:

It's 384M these days.

>$ ./maxmem.exe 
>1b5a4000 bytes (437.6Mb)
>Perhaps a good place would be in the User's Guide under the discussion of 
>shared memory in the "Highlights" section. Something like:
>"By default Cygwin imposes a 256MB memory limit. To raise this limit,
>you may create a "heap_chunk_in_mb" registry entry, for example:
>regtool -i set /HKCU/Software/Cygnus\ Solutions/Cygwin/heap_chunk_in_mb 512
>You will then need to reboot for it to take effect."

You don't have to reboot.  You just have to exit all running cygwin


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