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Re: [avail for test] libtool-devel-20030121-1

Ralf Habacker wrote:

i've played a little with this stuff and have seen, that at least for cygwin
there is an easier way to deal with this. Create a simple link from 'foo' to
'foo.exe' and Makes need are fullfilled.

    # The program doesn't exist.
    \$echo \"\$0: error: \$progdir/\$program does not exist\" 1>&2
    \$echo \"This script is just a wrapper for \$program.\" 1>&2
    echo \"See the $PACKAGE documentation for more information.\" 1>&2
    exit 1
	chmod +x $output
+	ln -s $output $output$exeext

The single added line fix this.
It sure would have been nice if you'd mentioned this idea at some point over the past two months that I've been working on this, and CC:ing the cygwin list on the progress or lack of it. (I also tried this at one point, and ran into problems; I don't recall what they were. This was so easy to do that it didn't take long to implement or test -- and it failed, so I dropped it and it left very little impression on me about WHY it failed. Sorry.)

But, in any case, *even if it worked in all cases*, it's too late. At this point, this IS the mechanism that libtool will use; it's been through the wringer with the folks on the automake list, libtool list, and has been tested on cygwin and mingw. The symlink idea has not (plus, there's my earlier experience in which the symlink idea failed somehow).

the question now is, does the current implementation work, or not. I'm not interested at this point in finding another mechanism. I'm interested in working any kinks out of THIS one -- if there are any left. I have beaten on it pretty hard, ya know.

But, I'm not being completely arbitrary here; there's more in store for the executable wrapper idea. Eventually, I'd like to subsume all of the script wrapper's functionality into the executable wrapper, and do away with the script entirely.


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