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Re: [avail for test] libtool-devel-20030121-1 wrote:

There were several solutions:
1) Teach 'make' to only want 'foo' instead of 'foo.exe'. There are problems here -- this requires mucking with automake, which has the potential to break non-libtool builds if not done carefully.

Do you have seen thatg defines for cygwin the .exe extension ? Automake creates rules like
<application>$(EXEEXT): ...
so setting this exeext to an empty string catch this.
case $host in
outputname=`echo $outputname|${SED} 's,.exe$,,'` ;;
*) exeext= ;;

Yes, Ralf, I know. This is like the sixth iteration trying to solve this problem. The very first attempt did what you suggest (only it is much much more complicated than you imply; you're overlooking a lot). However, that fix was unacceptable to the automake and libtool people. Hence, tries #2, #3, #4, #5, and this one.

Please don't go over old ground, since you've been ignoring the onging discussion which I have CC:ed to the cygwin and mingw lists throughout. I am not interested in doing it another way -- I've already done it three different ways (with various refinements, leading to a total of six attempts). I am interested in bug reports and fixes for this method.

And if I sound annoyed, I am: I expected better from you. I would have thought that you, given your KDE work, would have been very interested in the *on-going* development -- and not content merely to sit back and ignore the whole thread, and then chime in after the fact with old ideas.


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