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Re: sshd can't do publickey auth with .ssh linked to /cygdrive/c/rest/of/path

On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Marc Bejarano wrote:

> hi.  i'm not subscribed to this list so i would be grateful if i could be
> left on the cc: line of this thread.
> i tried to link my ~/.ssh to "/cygdrive/c/Documents and
> Settings/<username>/Application Data/Van Dyke Technologies/SecureCRT/"
> because i thought it was the most straight-forward way to share my identity
> files.  this breaks incoming publickey auth to cygwin openssh sshd.  sshd logs:
> ==
> debug1: userauth-request for user beej service ssh-connection method publickey
> debug1: attempt 1 failures 1
> debug1: test whether pkalg/pkblob are acceptable
> debug1: temporarily_use_uid: 1003/544 (e=18/18)
> debug1: trying public key file /home/beej/.ssh/authorized_keys
> debug1: restore_uid: (unprivileged)
> debug1: temporarily_use_uid: 1003/544 (e=18/18)
> debug1: trying public key file /home/beej/.ssh/authorized_keys2
> Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory /cygdrive/c
> ==
> so it isn't happy about /cygdrive/c.  here's how cygwin sees that "dir":
> ==
> $ ls -ld /cygdrive/c
> d---------   15 65535    65535           0 Feb  3 04:11 /cygdrive/c/
> ==
> so my question: is there a way to make this work?  can i change the
> mode/ownership bits on a /cygdrive mountpoint?  or can i tell the sshd to
> be less security-conscious?
> tia,
> marc


Before you do anything as drastic as a "chmod -R a+rx /cygdrive/c", try
the following:

$ mv /etc/passwd /etc/passwd-old
$ mv /etc/group /etc/group-old
$ mkpasswd -l > /etc/passwd
$ mkgroup -l > /etc/group

If you are a domain user, also add

$ mkpasswd -d -u yourusername >> /etc/passwd
$ mkgroup -d >> /etc/group

And see if this helps.

In other words, your /etc/{passwd,group} files seem to be incomplete, so
you need to regenerate them.
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