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Re: [ -d ' ' ] && echo yes

Norton Allen wrote:
> Elfyn McBratney wrote:
>>> Are you saying it's a feature? If so, a feature of cygwin or
>>> of Windows? Under the Windows Command Prompt, cd " " does not
>>> complain, and leaves you in the current directory as you
>>> describe, but dir " " gives an error. This is certainly
>>> not how it works under other OSes.
>> I'm pretty sure it's a feature of SUSv3... Or one of the other POSIXy
>> standards.
>> However I've been working for hours so my brain is fried and may be
>> spewing out random recollections '-)
>   FWIW, I've just tested on Linux (of some flavor) and OpenBSD,
>   and neither thinks ' ' is a directory.
>   In any event, I'd like to figure out whether it's a bug or
>   a feature under Cygwin so I can move forward.

It's a bug/feature in Windows. Trying to manipulate such a directory in an
ordinary cmd shell or in explorer produces spurious error messages and/or
silent failiures.

I.e. it falls into the same category as 'aux' and 'foo...' - file names
which Windows simply won't do.


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