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Re: Why won't my files link?

Nick Miller wrote:

So I am new to Cygwin, but I am enjoying it so far. I am having a problem, though, please respond if you can... I have three C files (all ending in .c), and I can compile them with GCC by using the -c switch. Then, I want to link all three of the object files that I have created (ending in .o) and make an executable which uses all three. My file called main.c has two include lines, which says to include "io_functions.h" and "fun.h". Then I am using this line to link everything and make the executable...

gcc -o main fun.o io_functions.o main.o

I have tried this exact thing with the exact same files on a Linux system and it works fine, but for some reason under Cygwin it is not working.
It always amazes me how, when you get down to the real problem, people neglect to expand upon the problem itself! Here's a great example. Much information is provided however noticably absent is a description of the real problem. Instead just a generic "is not working" is given. Nothing to indicate any clues about the failure itself except for the words "is not working".

I've come up with a question to ask when people describe problems such vague terms: What was your first indication that it failed? :-)

I am thinking that the problem
What problem?!? You have not stated what the problem is!

lies in that my files are not being accessed correctly. For instance, when I want to run executables I have made in my cygwin/home/Owner directory, I have to use "./executablename" because for some reason commands do not go directly to the home directory (this is in the Cygwin FAQ). I am wondering if I need to do something to make all of the files in my home directory viewable or available when doing the compile command above. Any ideas? Thanks so much.

Nick Miller
Seems to me that it takes a lot more effort to come up with a posting like the one you posted than to simply say:

When I compile x, y and z I get the following error message:

<insert error message here>

What does this error message mean and how do I fix it?

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