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Re: cygwin Compile of NetBSD 1.6

Christos Dritsas wrote:
> Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Christos, I can see that you might be frustrated, but your post
>> above is somewhat rude. Firstly, Chris does not "appear to be
>> familiar" with NetBSD on Cygwin. He's simply commenting that the
>> that trying to recompile a whole OS and tools is probably biting off
>> more than you can chew, given your current level of knowledge (based
>> on the questions you have asked). Yet you practically accuse him of
>> witholding information.

> Sorry, not trying to be rude to Chris or you,

I never suspected deliberate intent to be rude. Just wanted to let you know
that your message could be read in that way.

> infact I've appreciated
> your help. Am I biting off more then I can chew? Sure, that's the fun
> of it :) Am I frustrated, not at all! This is for fun, not profit...
> Not accusing anyone of witholding information. Just appeared that
> he[Chris] may have come across this before with the responce that he
> gave. A responce which was rude, but not a bother to me.

Rude? No. Short and to the point, yes. A little blunt, maybe.

> Look, I'm not interested in a "flame" war with the Cygwin list. If my
> questions are inappropriate, simply tell me and/or ignore them as well
> as me.  Is that so hard to do? Mailing Lists are for questions. If
> they are not the appropriate questions for the list, dont engage.

Ok, Ok! No need to get wound up. Questions are always welcome here, so long
as they have at least a little bit to do with Cygwin.


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