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Re: cygwin Compile of NetBSD 1.6

> Not accusing anyone of witholding information. Just appeared that
> he[Chris] may have come across this before with the responce that he
> gave. A responce which was rude, but not a bother to me. If this issue
> has been worked on before, I as well as all others interested, would
> benefit from his knowledge, not anyones ego.

That's cgf for ya ::::::::::::::::::::::::::-) Only kidding Chris '-)

> I dont expect anyone to have all the answers, or even one answer.
> Look, I'm not interested in a "flame" war with the Cygwin list. If my
> questions are inappropriate, simply tell me and/or ignore them as well
> as me.  Is that so hard to do? Mailing Lists are for questions. If they
> are not the appropriate questions for the list, dont engage.

The link Vince Hoffman posted in a previous message is very interesting.
I've just read it :-) And should give you much help in this task. If you've
never done anything like this before, just remember to read all of the
README and INSTALL files in the source(tm) 'cause you'll need to build quite
a few cross-tools. If you need help with building a cross-gcc you might want
to look at the crossgcc ml (on which may help.

Good Luck!


Elfyn McBratney

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