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Re: cygwin Compile of NetBSD 1.6

> Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> Or, even, just give up since the likelihood of actually being able to
>> build NetBSD under Cygwin with little or no knowledge of cross
>> compilers or symlinks or log files is remote at best.
>> This is not going to be a "fix a few problems and it works" type of
>> exercise.

Christos Dritsas wrote:
> Since you appear to be familiar with this, can you please list the
> known complex details of compiling NetBSD 1.6 under Cygwin. As there
> is little information to be found, that kind of a post would be some
> help.

Christos, I can see that you might be frustrated, but your post above is
somewhat rude. Firstly, Chris does not "appear to be familiar" with NetBSD
on Cygwin. He's simply commenting that the that trying to recompile a whole
OS and tools is probably biting off more than you can chew, given your
current level of knowledge (based on the questions you have asked). Yet you
practically accuse him of witholding information.

Secondly, you ask that others should do the hard work for you. That's a
guaranteed way to annoy people.

AFAIK, no one has ever done what you are trying to do before. You can't just
expect someone to have all the answers. Plus, none of the questions you have
asked so far are Cygwin-specific in any way.


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