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RE: [avail for test] libtool-devel-20030121-1

Hi Chuck,
>    3) What I did:  create a binary wrapper -- an actual executable --
> named 'foo.exe' in the main build directory.  It is NOT the real
> foo.exe.  It simply exec's the shell script, which in turn sets up the
> environment and exec's the real .lib/foo.exe.  Eventually, the 'set up
> the environment' part could be moved into the binary wrapper itself, at
> least on cygwin/mingw -- but there are problems with that; libtool
> itself *sources* and parses the shell wrapper -- it can't do that with a
> binary wrapper.  So that's for later.  This works now, even if it is a
> bit kludgey.
> Unfortunately, it might lead to a FAQ: the shell wrapper contains a
> banner at the top that says "This is not the real foo.exe.  It is a
> wrapper" blah blah blah.  Plus, it's named 'foo' instead of 'foo.exe' --
> a tipoff for us windows denizens.  Now, you have:
> <builddir>/foo           : shell wrapper
> <builddir>/foo.exe       : binary wrapper
> <builddir>/.lib/foo.exe  : the real executable
i've played a little with this stuff and have seen, that at least for cygwin
there is an easier way to deal with this. Create a simple link from 'foo' to
'foo.exe' and Makes need are fullfilled.

    # The program doesn't exist.
    \$echo \"\$0: error: \$progdir/\$program does not exist\" 1>&2
    \$echo \"This script is just a wrapper for \$program.\" 1>&2
    echo \"See the $PACKAGE documentation for more information.\" 1>&2
    exit 1
	chmod +x $output
+	ln -s $output $output$exeext

The single added line fix this.


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