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memory (?) problems when executing c++ program


I am running a C++ program under cygwin (OS is win98). In the middle of the program I get a windows box saying (translated from Dutch): Program has performed illegal operation and will be terminated. This stops the C++ program, though not cygwin.

The C++ program is compiled under g++ and is object oriented. Several objects are created which contain an array of a given size (not dynamically defined). If I reduce the standard arraysize the program does execute, which gives me the impression that there is a problem with memory allocation/available memory. The size of the objects should however not be very large (maybe 10 objects of 100 doubles) and there is more than enough memory available.
There is also an interaction with the memory for screen-display. Sometimes it helps to use a printf, before the programline that fails, with a \n command to keep the program running.

Can someone confirm that this is memory related, or is there another cause? How can I solve it? I already tried to define heap_chunk_in_mb (from suggestions in mailing list) but this did not make a difference.



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