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RE: bash lockup

Yes, this is true, however, I am not having the problem, anymore.  I traced
the crash to an old version of cvs I was using in windows.  Apparently, it
installed the cygwin1.dll(an older version, god knows what build) in its
directory and added its dir to my path.  Once I deleted that dll, I no
longer recieve a crash.

CYGWIN works great now! no problems that I can see now.  I'm going to travel
around with a CD and go nuts and install it on every machine I see.  I'll be
a walking file installation virus.


-----Original Message-----
>>Sent: Monday, February 03, 2003 12:22 PM
>>Subject: Re: bash lockup

>>I see this all the time, too (in Win98se).
>>WINOLDAP seems to be how Windows handles the
>>cygwin console. It also uses it for win95cmd.
>>And it is there even when nothing is locked up.
>>Windows doesn't seem to use WINOLDAP for a

>>Don't think of it as a problem or bug (or even
>>a "feature"); think of it as a behavior.
>>It's not that hard to live with.

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