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Re: bash lockup

I see this all the time, too (in Win98se).  WINOLDAP
seems to be how Windows handles the cygwin console. 
It also uses it for win95cmd.  And it is there even
when nothing is locked up.  Windows doesn't seem to

Don't think of it as a problem or bug (or even a
"feature"); think of it as a behavior.  It's not that
hard to live with.

- Barry

At 01:41 AM 2/1/2003, Sean McBride wrote:
>I thank all of you who comented on my last post.
>I have another small problem.
>I installed the package with the installer and then
later, added pine to my
>installation.  I don't think installing pine has
anything to do with my
>problem, but I only noticed this after adding that
>occasionally when executing commands from bash the
command window locks up.
>^c does nothing and I can't even close the window. 
Even Ctrl-Alt-Del End
>task won't get rid of the misbehaving command window.
 Only if I shut down a
>task called "oldwinapp" does the command window go
away.  Then I am able to
>restart bash and rerun the same exact command I
attempted before with no
>problem.  After a while, it locks up on another
command..  There seems to be
>no pattern to the command or time it does this at.
>Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Maybe I am
doing something wrong?

No and this doesn't look like a Cygwin issue per se. 
"oldwinapp" seems to 
be the problem here, whatever that is.  It certainly
doesn't come with the
Cygwin distribution.  I suggest you investigate this.

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