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Re: Can't see full list in setup.exe

Colin Harrison wrote:
> I'm trying to find the snapshot setup-2.303 sources, to make a debug
> build...
> The released sources ( configure on my system but don't
> make.
> I'm following instructions:-
>>> Try downloading the source for setup and building it from that.
>>> Since you
>>> can't see the packages for some reason, a direct link to the source
>>> tarball is
>>> z
>>> Instructions for compiling are at
>>> <>. Enjoy.
>> That won't work, I'm afraid. The current instructions on that
>> webpage are for building with gcc 3. But setup didn't support
>> building with gcc 3 until recently. You could try the setup-2.303
>> source from the snapshots area. But you cannot easily (at all?)
>> build setup without Cygwin installed.
> Note that I can see all the packages on my development system (but am
> building to trace
> the no-show on my production machine)
> I've looked in CVS ( and
> Am I looking in the correct areas?

You should look more closely at the instructions webpage. It contains the
correct cvs location:
"cvs -z3 -d co setup"

Alternatively, snapshot source tarball is at


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