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Re: installing pinfo

On Sun, 2 Feb 2003, Elfyn McBratney wrote:

> > $ cygcheck -c pinfo
> > Cygwin Package Information
> > Package             Version
> > pinfo               0.6.6p1-1
> As far as setup (cygcheck) is concerned you have pinfo installed but it's
> not working (corrupt, unknown?).Double check your path (PATH env. variable)
> is set-up correctly, just a thought before you re-install. If cygwin (your
> PATH env. variable) is set-up correctly return to setup and re-install
> pinfo.
> Regards,
> Elfyn McBratney

I think you meant the mount table, not the PATH variable, since specifying
an explicit path to /bin/pinfo didn't work.

To the OP: one more guess, though: try posting the result of "ls -l
/bin/pinfo.exe" (notice the extension).  If that file exists, but is not
executable, there's something wrong with either your CYGWIN variable or
your mount table (or your umask, but I doubt that).
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