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Re: Setup, Package 'grep' 2.5-1, missing 'egrep.exe' and 'fgrep.exe'


At 13:12 2003-02-02, Max Bowsher wrote:
Elfyn McBratney wrote:
>> Perhaps ... but I'm not running under bash and never have.  Did I
>> miss a documented restriction that the programs *only* run under
>> bash?
> It depends on the package. With something like grep you cannot (?)
> call a egrep from cmd.exe/ per se as it is a symbolic link
> to grep.exe (a windows shortcut) but you could call it from bash

Ah, but since it is created by setup, it is a system-cookie type symlink,
not a windows-shortcut type symlink.
On my system both egrep and fgrep are old-style Cygwin-only symlinks. But some of the symlinks in my Cygwin bin directory are the new Windows shortcut-based symlinks.

Perhaps this mixture occurs for me because my Cygwin installation predates the debut of the Windows-shortcut-based symlinks. Or could it be because some of the symlinks are created by post-install scripts and are new-style and others are created by the tar code embedded in the Cygwin Setup.exe installer and are the old kind?

>> bash -c /bin/egrep
> within your batch scripts.

What about grep -E ? (Which is preferred anyway for maximum portability.)


Randall Schulz

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