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Re: Setup, Package 'grep' 2.5-1, missing 'egrep.exe' and 'fgrep.exe'

At 2003-02-02 15:25 -0500, Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
On Sun, Feb 02, 2003 at 03:05:07PM -0500, G. Ken Holman wrote:
>I used to use one of the Cygwin B packages where the egrep.exe utility was

I apologize for having taken your time with this to warrant such an exclamation. I was citing my previous experience with Cygwin where I had utilized an "exe" and created ".bat" files that pointed to it. After installing the new version my batch files stopped working.

>I'm on an XP system and I downloaded replacement packages yesterday and
>ensured that I included the "grep" package.
>I went to use "egrep.exe" and found it wasn't installed.  I did find an
>egrep.1 but it just points to grep.

egrep and fgrep are symbolic links to grep.exe.  Both work properly when
invoked from bash.  I just checked.
Perhaps ... but I'm not running under bash and never have. Did I miss a documented restriction that the programs *only* run under bash?

Could there be a FAQ that says "where is the .exe I'm expecting?" ... when not running in bash? I did a search on the FAQ TOC for .exe and didn't find anything.

I honestly tried to solve this without burdening the list with another question, and was basing my question on my prior experience with the Cygwin collection.

>p.s. points to and
>says where *not* to send bugs, but not where bugs should be sent for
>problems like this ... I would have thought that would be a FAQ: "which
>bugs (by example) go to which mail lists?"

The cygwin mailing list says that it is for "just about all things
cygwin" with "two exceptions".

Is grep, egrep, or fgrep listed as one of the two exceptions?
I now see the word "bugs" in the description that I had missed earlier. Sorry for my oversight.

Again, I apologize that I have taken your time; I was quite sincere in my attempts to help the project.

................ Ken

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