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Re: installing pinfo

Robert Mark Bram wrote:
> I downloaded pinfo recently because I have heard it is a better help
> program than man. I ran the cygwin setup program, selected pinfo and
> thought it ran through ok. However, when I type "pinfo", the command
> is not known:
>  $ pinfo
>  bash: pinfo: command not found


$ ls -l /bin/pinfo
$ cygcheck -c pinfo

Post the output of those 2 commands here, and we'll try to help.

> I went and had a look at the files inside the pinfo download:
> pinfo-0.6.6p1-1.tar.bz2. I found a readme file with the following
> information in it:
> To rebuild the package for cygwin:

Rebuild = rebuild from source. You probably don't want to do that.

> This is a bit confusing for me at the moment. I assumed:
>   pinfo-x.x.x-x-src = pinfo-0.6.6p1-1.tar.bz2

Not true. -src means the source package, not the binary package.

>   > copy sample pinforc to /usr/share/pinfo/pinforc
>   > copy CAPITALIZEDFILES to /usr/doc/pinfo-x.x.x-x/

Uhh... those are instructions for a human, not commands to be fed verbatim
to a shell.


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