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Re: [RFC]: Meet Cyppy, the irritating Cygwin mascot!

> I hereby formally propose the character shown in the attached image, known
> as "Cyppy", for the honor of "Official Cygwin Mascot".  As an alternate
> "Cyggy" may also work, but I'm partial to "Cyppy" for some reason.
> "Hi!  <BLINK!>  I'm Cyppy, the irritating Cygwin mascot!  <LOOK AROUND!>
> looks like you're having trouble with Perl's regular expressions.  <TURN
> BICYCLE WITH EYES FOR TIRES!>  Let me help!  What do you want to do:
> - Match a single character?
> - Match a string of characters?
> - Execute a Perl script?
> - Execute the evil bastage who created me?
> - Install everything?
> - Unsubscribe?

Thats weird...I was thinking about this this morning and thought Cyggy (for
Cygwin) may come accross as the name for a cigarette manufactuor. I do like
the Cyppy name tho ;-)

Gary, can you send me the original clippy image, go away M$ copyright
enforcers, so I can play with it in photoshop? I'm way to lazy to find it on
the net and it's one of those nights where I'm still working gone 3am(tm)...


Elfyn McBratney

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