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Re: cross compiling

> yup that's what i want to do. however i'm not very experienced (not at
> all) with building cross compilers. i've tried to build binutils and gcc
> with target=i586-cygwin-pc but both failed on me.
> i've googled around for a more detailed howto than the one i've found
> which was quite outdated (b20, egcs 1.1.x) but didn't find anything.

I know exactly what you mean, tutorial wise :-) What you'll need to do is
take a look at cgf's reply to my observation which gives you the configure
line. Just change the paths, a little hint you'll need to build gcc and
binutils in different directories from the source. Perhaps you'll want to
use the uberbaum source too, to simplify things as we know if works for

I know that's not giving you much, but you'll have to knock up the courage
to hunt the (cross)gcc lists for more details if needed. Ditto for binutils.

> maybe cgf wants to share a bit of his wisdom? :)

I dowt that ;-)


Elfyn McBratney

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