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Re: Setup hangs repetedly


Now, now.

It's true Cygwin has improved immensely in the past six years or so, but it was useful even back then. I started using it in 1997 (beginning about a week after I first had to use Windows for development) and it was indispensable, even if not entirely mature. I tried MKS, but even if you ignored its very slow terminal / console I/O, I could not conceivably deemed it worth what it costs when Cygwin (whose name was different then, I think) was available free.

Randall Schulz

At 15:58 2003-02-01, Dockeen wrote:
>This is probably why most experienced users recommend using one of the
>"beta" releases, in particular b19.  There are no problems using
>setup.exe in that version (such as not being able to resize the

As someone who goes back to the Bx days (maybe I should call that the
Bs days), I think the technical term for the above phrase is as follows:

Rancid bovine fecal material.

Says it all.

Wayne Keen

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