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RE: bash & $PS1 (display error)

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Randall R Schulz [] 
> Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2003 2:01 PM
> To: Rolf Campbell;
> Subject: RE: bash & $PS1 (display error)
> Rolf,
> That's hardly surprising. I assumed you encountered the 
> problem because 
> you were working in a deeply nested directory with a very 
> long absolute 
> name. To me, even modest-length directory names are intrusive when 
> included in the shell prompt, which is why I offered my 
> alternative. Do 
> you just want to have an incredibly long prompt?

Well, I began my computer use in DOS, and it was standard to include the
path in the prompt.  And I have no choice but to use deeply nested
directories (large build system makes it difficult to avoid).  The real
problem I was having is in bash, when I use ^R to do a reverse search on
the command history, and then hit enter to run the command, I find that
it frequently has display problems.  When trying to make a simple test
case, I discovered this specific problem.

I have no overwhelming desire to have extremely long prompts, but I
think that they should either be:
#1) Available & working.
#2) Not available.
#3) Available & not working 100%, but the limitation known.

I realize the issues with open-source software.  If I have a problem
that nobody else cares about, I will have to fix it myself.  I just
wanted to see if anyone knew what was going on, or even just to inform
people of the limitation.

I've downloaded the cygwin bash source, but it's going to be a while
before I will be able to figure out how to fix this problem (haven't
even been able to find the part of the code responsible for printing the
prompt yet).


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