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RE: bash & $PS1 (display error)

At 10:15 2003-02-01, Rolf Campbell wrote:
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Randall R Schulz []
> Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2003 2:01 AM
> To:
> Subject: RE: bash & $PS1 (display error)
> At 20:37 2003-01-31, Rolf Campbell wrote:
> >My prompt is (from the script below) "PS1='$PWD> '".  All of the
> >characters are 'printable' and none are \[\] enclosed.
> Rolf,
> Is 'printable' different than plain old printable?


> Anyway, I can repeat this (and other concomitant artifacts, too).
> It looks like a bug.
> I like current directory feedback, too, but I hate it in the prompt.
> Putting it in the window title bar is nice, however. If you like that
> idea, try this or something similar:
> PS1=$'\[\e]0; \u :: \W (\w)\a\]\!> '

I tried just setting my prompt to some long static string (200 a's), and
it produced the same result.  This problem has nothing to do with
printing a path in a prompt.


That's hardly surprising. I assumed you encountered the problem because you were working in a deeply nested directory with a very long absolute name. To me, even modest-length directory names are intrusive when included in the shell prompt, which is why I offered my alternative. Do you just want to have an incredibly long prompt?

Randall Schulz


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