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Re: Cygwin Compile of NetBSD 1.6

Max Bowsher wrote:

Please keep replies on the mailing list.

opps, gotta hit that cc button  :)

The output you posted looks like a standard autoconf-type configure. I think
that the config.log should be created in the current working directory when
configure is executed. I can't imagine how it could not be created. This doesn't locate the temporary build stuff in /tmp, or somewhere,
does it?

Not too sure, here is the relevent code from the script though:

# Build bootstrap nbmake if needed.
if $do_rebuildmake; then
$runcmd echo "===> Bootstrapping nbmake"

$runcmd mkdir "$tmpdir" || bomb "cannot mkdir: $tmpdir"
trap "cd /; rm -r -f \"$tmpdir\"" 0
$runcmd cd "$tmpdir"

$runcmd env CC="${HOST_CC-cc}" CPPFLAGS="${HOST_CPPFLAGS}" \
"$TOP/tools/make/configure" \
|| bomb "configure of nbmake failed"
$runcmd sh || bomb "build of nbmake failed"

$runcmd cd "$TOP"
$runcmd rm -f usr.bin/make/*.o usr.bin/make/lst.lib/*.o

I did also look for the config.log under $TOP/tools/make/ but found nothing.


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