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Clippy Sightings in Cygwinland? (was: RE: Can't see full list in setup.exe)

> Hi,
> I'm running 'Windows Classic' 'no effects' 'Color quality Medium 16 bit'
> 'Adjust for best performance'
> In other words I strip out all the Microsoft clutter from my desktop?
> No silly dogs, animated paper clips or WMP 9's in sight!

Hmmm.... are you *sure* Clippy isn't lurking around somewhere?

Perhaps somewhere you'd least expect Clippy to be?

> Ooop's showing my unix heritage again.

That's alright... BECAUSE SO IS CLIPPY!:

                     J~/6        @@3
                     //@          3J8
                    J3@@          J/@X
                  @6J3@@         J;3$
                   J3@           J3$            JJ2222222222222222JJ
               $3////3$$         8@@@@@J2222$$22262666266666662622X
                 ^@@@@63@6       /J@22@@(2(2$2666$$666$$2262(222(2
               J/;@@@@3/38   $;~//J3$$X$@(X22X22222(26226$26X(X22
               @#863X33X$6  / ;@@@@@3$8<<<~<<J<~<<<<<J/<</(J(J(2J
                  8@@8     6$J~6@@@@/33<_~~:~~~<~~~~<~~<<<J<<(2J
                  X8@$   /<<28$$33J3X68~~<~</~;<;///J<JJ2J<J<~<
                  X3@8  <_~~:: X@@8$~____~<<~~<<<<<~<_<_<__<___
                  X3@83$8<J<~<~X$@X   _@8J:   :  ::__`_~~~<~<J~
                  J$8$6@@<     J$#X  J8@~ :_ __  :`_  :  ___~:
                   $@$X#8X :   ;88$_36$<_<<JJJ~<~~<<J<<<____;
                  :$@86@38_ :   $@$~$#3J(J~<______~J262J<^_
                 : X@8J838~ :   J@3J$@XX<~__  :``:^<J<<_:: _
                   J@/$J@36     ~@J8$@8X<~~<____J2262X<___
               <_<_J@X8<@83 : _</$3X$@@8/<__^_<<<J<<<~~~__~
             _^_ _2:6@3X2@@3~//38$$22@@822<<JX2$88$$22<<_:
          <<<_<<2:^: @@/_ _ __<222$22X@@622$$W8W86$$22<<_
        ~: ^ <<<^<<<<@@3<<<<<<22$22<<J66<<2<2222222(<((J
 <<<<<<<<2< < <_^::<^ 2@/J8$$$22226J@X$<222222<<^~<J<<
  <22<< <^~^^<<<<<<<<<<<@@@3/;///8862<<22$$$$2<^_~ _
                           <<<<<_<<_< <~^<^<<<2<

"Hello Colin!  <BLINK!>  It looks like you're using vi!  <SCRIBBLE!>  Mind if I
irritate you?  <TWIST SELF INTO STAR SHAPE!>  What would you like to do?:

- Type a character?
- Save a file?
- Install a different text editor?

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.
(And somebody damn well better be incapacitated with laughter right now, because
I busted my KIESTER typing all that in.)

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