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Re: i have a similar site as want to link to you

Hmm, I don't think anyone really wants to know what her ".dll" stands
for... :-)

On Fri, 31 Jan 2003, Randall R Schulz wrote:

> Hey! I've got an idea.
> Why don't we each send Angela a reply tell her what we think of her
> suggestion (whatever that may be). Please be thorough in explaining
> your point of view.
> At 14:48 2003-01-31, Angela Karesh wrote:
> >I noticed (Cygwin) ranked #24 in Google for the keyword
> >".dll". I have a website that is a good match for your's and I think
> >it makes sense for us to link to each other for 2 important reasons:
> >
> >1 - It will be beneficial to both our users (most important!)
> >2 - The more links we both have pointing at our site... the higher we
> >will both naturally rank in Google.
> >
> >Google doesn't just analyze the number of sites linked to you,
> >however... they also look at how relevant and "important' the sites
> >are that are linked to you. My site, for example, is listed in Yahoo.
> >This means that a link from my site will be weighted much heavier than
> >links from other sites (you can read more on how Google uses Link Pop
> >to determine rank here: )
> >
> >I really think it would be in both our interests to link to each
> >other's sites. If you're interested, please reply and let me know.
> >I'll send you all the info you need and I'll get your info as well.
> >
> >Thanks for your time... I know that this will be worth your while.
> >
> >Angela

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