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Re: Latest TCL/TK breaks Python's tkinter

On Fri, Jan 31, 2003 at 04:48:13PM -0500, William A. Hoffman wrote:
>OK, sorry for the confusion.   I guess the setup comment about this only
>working with gdb threw me off track.  I upgraded to it, and a tcl script I had
>that uses the tcl package http stopped working.   I looked at the comment,
>and figured since I was not gdb, there was no use complaining that it did
>not work.
>So, should the comment be changed?

I had removed the 'gdb only' words from the setup hint earlier.

>Is this a full tcl/tk meant to run any standard tcl/tk script?

This version of tcl/tk should be fully functional.

>If so, I would like to report that the http package is missing.

I've been informed privately that http is available in the release that I

If you have specific problems, you'll have to provide specific bug
reports.  Assuming that you are finally using tcl 8.4.1, please provide
the error that you're getting wrt the http package.  If you aren't using
8.4.1 (and why wouldn't you be by now?) then upgrade.


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