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Installing the Win32:: modules for Cygwin Perl

I have a patch for libwin32-0.191 to build under Cygwin Perl, both 5.6
and 5.8. This is based on the work of Clive Nicolson a while back.

This will give you the core Win32 methods, as well libraries like
Win32::APIFile, Win32::Sound, Win32::Clipboard etc.

There is still quite a bit of work to be done to cleanly integrate these
into Cygwin Perl so that no patching is necessary

That aside, from a user perspective these _should_ work fine (no
guarantees.) Just remember that while ActivePerl will not require you to
use Win32 for core methods like Win32::GetOsVersion(), this version
does. Also Win32 Perl code may use Win32 commands and paths, in which
case you may have to do some porting.

You are better off using the newer Cygwin packages, especially gcc and
w32api, but Im curious to see if older configurations will also work.

Instructions, from the Cygwin shell:

patch p0 < libwin32-0.191-port.diff
cd libwin32-0.191
perl Makefile.PL && make && make test && make install

Do NOT download the patch using a browser such as IE, the line ends will
get converted and the patch will fail.

Everything should work. If something fails, please send me an error
report using this method:

make test &> makelog
gzip -9 makelog

and mail makelog.gz to so I can figure out what went


Rafael Kitover

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