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Re: perl error messages with cygwin 1.3.18-1

At 05:03 AM 1/2/2003 -0600, Tommy Butler wrote:
Greg Matheson wrote:
Further, perldoc.exe isn't rendering pages correctly since 5.8 either. For
example, "$ perldoc UNIVERSAL" produces the following when run from cygwin bash
(quoted text snippet indented 3 spaces.)

UNIVERSAL - base class for ALL classes (blessed references)

$io = $fd->isa("IO::Handle");
$sub = $obj->can('print');

$yes = UNIVERSAL::isa($ref, "HASH");

"UNIVERSAL" is the base class which all bless references will inherit
from, see the perlobj manpage

Seems like escapes are getting printed out wrong... Using man to read the
perldocs works just fine though. Hope this gets fixed somehow (if it is a bug
indeed and not specific to my system.) I'm also looking forward to using
podchecker in 5.8, which recognizes =header3 command paragraphs in PODs!
There was a recent change to less that produced this behavior. Try adding the -R switch to $LESS.

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