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Re: perl error messages with cygwin 1.3.18-1

Greg Matheson wrote:
> I am getting these Windows warning error messages with
> perl-5.8.0. The programs continue after clicking the message.
> This is better than the previous child process looping problem,
> if not perfect ;-)
> PERL caused an invalid page fault in
> module CYGWIN1.DLL at 017f:61084b28.
> Registers:

No kidding!  Me too.  I tried installing 5.8 just the other day and experienced
this exact problem.  I thought, "Hmmm, maybe if I build it myself I can get rid
of this."  Three unsuccessfully completed attempts and two hours later my
C:\WINDOWS\FAULTLOG.TXT had grown to over 2 megs in size.  It was full of those
happy "illegal operation" messages.  (Since the segfaults seemed to cause no
failures in the tests during "make test", I had layed the phone on my carriage
return key after clicking the segv dialog box message about fifty times and went
out for a soda.)

Side note:  Hey Gerrit - the DBM dlls built flawlessly this time through :O)

I think this was only happening when something tried to fork().  Couldn't say
exactly.  Man, I'm ready for 5.8 but I've had to reinstall 5.6 back over it
after the last several attempts to use it since it was released.  Whether
installing directly via the cygwin installer or compiling it on my own, these
segfaults and several other odd behaviors keep occurring.  Total bummer for sure.

Further, perldoc.exe isn't rendering pages correctly since 5.8 either.  For
example, "$ perldoc UNIVERSAL" produces the following when run from cygwin bash
(quoted text snippet indented 3 spaces.)

          UNIVERSAL - base class for ALL classes (blessed references)

              $io = $fd->isa("IO::Handle");
              $sub = $obj->can('print');

              $yes = UNIVERSAL::isa($ref, "HASH");

          "UNIVERSAL" is the base class which all bless references will inherit
          from, see the perlobj manpage

Seems like escapes are getting printed out wrong...  Using man to read the
perldocs works just fine though.  Hope this gets fixed somehow (if it is a bug
indeed and not specific to my system.)  I'm also looking forward to using
podchecker in 5.8, which recognizes =header3 command paragraphs in PODs!

You're not alone Greg ;O)  But anyway, Go Cygwin!


  -Tommy Butler
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   phone: (817)-468-7716
   6711 Forest Park Dr
   Arlington, TX

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