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Re: cygwin dll security

On Tue, Dec 31, 2002 at 03:26:39PM +1100, wrote:
>our company is looking at using Cygwin on our NT/2000 servers.  However
>our security review team has expressed doubts over the fact that Cygwin
>is said to be insecure in a multi user environment.  I was just
>wondering what experienced Cygwin users think about this issue and if
>it is an issue that is likely to be resolved or if there is a work
>around to 'secure' Cygwin in a multi user environment.

Your security review team has every right to be concerned.  Cygwin
should not be used in a secure multiuser environment.  I'd go so far as
to suggest that unless you are interested in growing some kind of
experts in-house in any free software package that you use, you'd be
better off ensuring that whatever you decide upon is fully supported by
a commercial entity.

If you are really interested in security then downloading a package
from a web site for free doesn't seem like the best plan to me unless
you have the expertise to maintain the software yourself.

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