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ps2epsi problem


I'm having trouble using ps2epsi on a PS file
that is one page in a multipage PDF file.  Works
fine if I use ps2epsi on a PS of the whole document, but
that creates a single EPS with material from all
the pages piled on top of each other.  If I use
the -sOutputFile=SomeName%d.epsi, it generates
the individual pages as EPS but no tiff preview.

To get ps2epsi working with the 1-page PS,
I did the fix in
but it still complains with the same error:

%%[ Error: invalidaccess; OffendingCommand: put ]%%
GNU Ghostscript 7.05: Unrecoverable error, exit code 1
The script differs from the one our solaris 8, since
cygwin's gs is 7.05 while our solaris version is 5.10.

I tried printing the 1-page PS file on solaris,
which works well with ps2epsi on solaris.  I
downloaded the 1-page PS to cygwin, but it

Error: /invalidaccess in --put--
and regurgitates the stack.

I even downloaded the ps2epsi script from
solaris (it had minor differences), but got the
same error.

I would like to avoid using the our solaris
ps2epsi because it doesn't seem to respect
the -sOutputFile=SomeName%d.epsi.  So
it would be great if I could get this to work
on cygwin.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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