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Re: setitimer failure

Doesn't setitimer require two struct's as it's last two arguments? Have
you checked the setitimer(2) manpage to make sure your using the function correctly? Although it's not included with cygwin you can find
it on google.

Perhaps you could send along the source of the file your trying to get working.

There's no need to CC the cygwin-apps mailing-list with this. The cygwin-apps mailing-list is intended for "cygwin apps" not questions/inquiries regarding cygwin internals.


--- "gilles BOURGEOIS" <> wrote:
>I really have to know if the setitimer() primitive works well using cywgin
>I am currently using NT5.0 (2000)
>I call setitimer(ITIMER_VIRTUAL, &interval, NULL) and it returns -1 with bad
>argument as errno .
>I do not understand why, because my arguments seemes to be ok to me !
>Any help very appreciated.
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