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Re: Cannot use zlib with Mingw

On Sat, Dec 28, 2002 at 09:25:27PM +0100, wrote:
>I was trying to compile a program which uses zlib with Mingw (i.e. with
>the flag -mno-cygwin) but the compilation failed because zlib.h could not
>be found. No problems with standard Cygwin compilation.
>Probably, if -mno-cygwin is used, only the directory /usr/include/mingw
>is searched, /usr/include is not. Well, the flag -I/usr/include could be
>added, but I am afraid some header files could conflict.
>To reproduce the problem: type this simple file
>#include <zlib.h>
>int main(){
>return 0;
>and compile it with
>gcc -c -mno-cygwin <filename>.c
>The error is "zlib.h: No such file or directory". No problems at all if
>gcc -c <filename>.c
>is launched)
>Is there a way to get round this problem?

zlib.h is part of cygwin.  Of course it can't be found if you say
-mno-cygwin.  It seems like many people assume that -mno-cygwin is some
magical way to get all of cygwin's functionality without the use of the
cygwin dll.  It isn't.  The libraries in /usr/lib and the include files
in /usr/include are cygwin files.  The files in /usr/lib/mingw and
/usr/include/mingw are provided for base mingw support.  If you need
more or have more detailed mingw questions, then the mingw mailing list
is the place to go.


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