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Re: Strange behaviour of gcc

>-- Messaggio Originale --
>From: "Max Bowsher" <>
>To: <>,
>	<>
>Subject: Re: Strange behaviour of gcc
>Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 23:25:00 -0000
> wrote:
>> Can somebody explain why gcc (version 3.2 20020927) on Cygwin does
>> this?
>Yes. Gcc's optimizer chose to make a large amount of local variable
>allocation into an alloca call.
>Does it matter?

For what I'm trying to do, it does. I would like to build a DLL which is
not linked to the C runtime library in order to have a smaller file (a trick
copied from Winamp plug-ins), and I don't mind about sub-optimal performance.
The executable dlopen()s the DLL and provides some callbacks to it.

If the DLL is linked to CRT, it is 20KB long. If it is not, it is 8KB long
(but obviously it does not have alloca available).

Is there a gcc option to build code without the call to alloca?

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