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Rsync issue - can it handle files larger than 2 gigabytes?

I'm trying to sync a 2.21 gigabyte file (so, a "large
file") between Win2k and Win2k, where the client is
pushing the file to the server (which is running
"rsync --daemon --no-detach").  

It fails, and to isolate the problem, I tried cp'ing
the file:

 cp /cygdrive/f/MY_db_200212252102.BAK /tmp

which works successfully.  I then tried to rsync the
same file:

 rsync -a -vv -W --include=MY_db_200212252102.BAK
--exclude=*.* /cygdrive/f/ /tmp

It appears to replace the file with a 0-byte file.

Here's the log from when it runs:

building file list ...
expand file_list to 4000 bytes, did move
including file MY_db_200212252102.BAK because of
pattern MY_db_200212252102.BAK
total: matches=0  tag_hits=0  false_alarms=0
wrote 150 bytes  read 36 bytes  124.00 bytes/sec
total size is -1911686656  speedup is -10277885.25

Does anyone know if there's anything I need to do to
get large file support?  (I did have 4.58 gig free, so
it wasn't due to lack of space)  Thanks.

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