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Re: problem with vi over ssh


>    i  noticed  a problem with vi when i connect to a linux. i found no
>    answers  about this problem anywhere: i start my cygwin and connect
>    over ssh to a linux machine. when i want to open a file using vi ->
>    vi file_name, i get the following:


>    i am having this problem only if i use cygwin.
>    any ideas? or is this normal?

A Linux machine knows nothing about the terminal type 'cygwin'. This is
normal. You'll also only really experience this when sshing from a 
console window - if you ssh from rxvt (term = xterm) everything should be

If, however, you want to ssh in a console window, simply add some explicit
term setting in your startup file on the remote server.

For example, I have in .bashrc:

# Cygwin term type is unrecognised, and sucks on Linux, so if ssh'ing from
# a console window, set the term to something that works nicely.
if [ "$TERM" == "cygwin" ]; then
        export TERM=vt100

Or add the appropriate syntax to the appropriate file if you use a different


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