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build problem

I'm running into a problem build ing the current cygwin source on my XP
SP1 machine. I have 1 gig of RAM (700 meg free when starting the build),
and 4 gigs of free HD space. When it first failed, I ran the Cygwin setup
and got updated packages. Same problem, even with the updated packages.

The first suspicious thing I see is this, during the configure for w32api:
"running /bin/sh ../../../../src/winsup/w32api/configure
--host=i686-pc-cygwin -
-build=i686-pc-cygwin --with-newlib --enable-multilib
pc-cygwin --cache-file=../../config.cache

configure: loading cache ../../config.cache
checking build system type... (cached) i686-pc-cygwin
checking host system type... (cached) i686-pc-cygwin
checking target system type... (cached) i686-pc-cygwin
checking for a BSD-compatible install... (cached) /usr/bin/install -c
checking for i686-pc-cygwin-gcc... (cached)  gcc
n/winsup -L/usr/src/cygwin/i686-pc-cygwin/winsup/cygwin
c-cygwin/winsup/w32api/lib -isystem /usr/src/src/winsup/include -isystem
c/src/winsup/cygwin/include -isystem /usr/src/src/winsup/w32api/include
 /usr/src/src/newlib/libc/sys/cygwin -isystem
n32 -B/usr/src/cygwin/i686-pc-cygwin/newlib/ -isystem
gwin/newlib/targ-include -isystem /usr/src/src/newlib/libc/include
checking for i686-pc-cygwin-ar... (cached) ar
checking for i686-pc-cygwin-as... (cached) as
checking for i686-pc-cygwin-ranlib... (cached) ranlib
checking for i686-pc-cygwin-ld... (cached) ld
checking for i686-pc-cygwin-dlltool... (cached) dlltool
checking for i686-pc-cygwin-windres... (cached) windres
checking for build environment... cygwin
updating cache ../../config.cache
configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating Makefile
mv: /tmp/csIZ2304/out: The system cannot find the path specified.
config.status: creating lib/Makefile
mv: /tmp/csIZ2304/out: The system cannot find the path specified.
config.status: creating lib/ddk/Makefile
mv: /tmp/csIZ2304/out: The system cannot find the path specified.
configuring in mingw"

Those Makefiles are then not present, and the build later fails because
they are not. At first, I thought the problem might be where my tmpdir was
located, but that was not it. I checked the permissions (and file
attributes) on the tmp dir, and they looked alright to me.

The full make logs are up at
as a bzip2'd tar.

Any help is appreciated,


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