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Re: Bugs in Cygnus Tools bash

At 07:37 AM 12/24/2002, Chris Game wrote:
>In a recent post, Cliff Hones wrote:
> > A word of advice - don't report things as bugs unless you are sure
> > they are bugs and not cockpit error - it can make you look
> > foolish if you or your configuration are to blame.
>That seems a bit harsh. How else are people supposed to figure out
>what's wrong if they don't ask? There's no such thing as a stupid
>question, and any mis-reported bug gives an opportunity for Cygwin's
>usability to be improved - even if it's the documentation! And a few of
>us less-than-experts on here benefit from other's mistakes.

Right.  Of course, Cliff's point has merit as well.  It goes to keeping
list volume under control.  There are lots of resources out there to help
people understand how these tools should work and we want to promote these
resources so that this list isn't everyone's first thought of the place to
ask when they have a problem.  That said, there are certainly real bugs and
even local configuration issues and clashes that the average user may not
be able to figure out on their own, even with all available resources. 
Some things are just very specific to an installation and all the information
to help solve the problem aren't in one place.  Certainly these cases are 
quite reasonable times to post, even if it is a local configuration problem.
But we'll get and bear our share of "cockpit errors" questions too. ;-)

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