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Re: Problems running makewhatis

At 08:15 AM 12/24/2002, Huw Dixon wrote:
>I can run /bin/awk(gawk) from the bash prompt to verify it exists:
>$ /bin/awk
>Usage: awk [POSIX or GNU style options] -f progfile [--] file ...
>Usage: awk [POSIX or GNU style options] [--] 'program' file ...
>POSIX options:          GNU long options:
>        -f progfile             --file=progfile
>        -F fs                   --field-separator=fs
>        -v var=val              --assign=var=val
>        -m[fr] val
>        -W compat               --compat
>        -W copyleft             --copyleft
>        -W copyright            --copyright
>        -W dump-variables[=file]        --dump-variables[=file]
>        -W gen-po               --gen-po
>        -W help                 --help
>        -W lint[=fatal]         --lint[=fatal]
>        -W lint-old             --lint-old
>        -W non-decimal-data     --non-decimal-data
>        -W profile[=file]       --profile[=file]
>        -W posix                --posix
>        -W re-interval          --re-interval
>        -W source=program-text  --source=program-text
>        -W traditional          --traditional
>        -W usage                --usage
>        -W version              --version
>To report bugs, see node `Bugs' in `', which is
>section `Reporting Problems and Bugs' in the printed version.
>gawk is a pattern scanning and processing language.
>By default it reads standard input and writes standard output.
>        gawk '{ sum += $1 }; END { print sum }' file
>        gawk -F: '{ print $1 }' /etc/passwd
>>Ok. Have you reinstalled the gawk package, and then checked that /bin/awk
>>actually exists?

OK then.  Assuming you're still interested in someone here trying to help 
you find your installation problem, you'll want to follow my previous 
suggestion that you provide the information requested by  Specifically, the output of cygcheck as 
described on this web page will help others get a better understanding
of your installation.

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