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Re: Problems running makewhatis

I can run /bin/awk(gawk) from the bash prompt to verify it exists:

$ /bin/awk
Usage: awk [POSIX or GNU style options] -f progfile [--] file ...
Usage: awk [POSIX or GNU style options] [--] 'program' file ...
POSIX options:          GNU long options:
       -f progfile             --file=progfile
       -F fs                   --field-separator=fs
       -v var=val              --assign=var=val
       -m[fr] val
       -W compat               --compat
       -W copyleft             --copyleft
       -W copyright            --copyright
       -W dump-variables[=file]        --dump-variables[=file]
       -W gen-po               --gen-po
       -W help                 --help
       -W lint[=fatal]         --lint[=fatal]
       -W lint-old             --lint-old
       -W non-decimal-data     --non-decimal-data
       -W profile[=file]       --profile[=file]
       -W posix                --posix
       -W re-interval          --re-interval
       -W source=program-text  --source=program-text
       -W traditional          --traditional
       -W usage                --usage
       -W version              --version

To report bugs, see node `Bugs' in `', which is
section `Reporting Problems and Bugs' in the printed version.

gawk is a pattern scanning and processing language.
By default it reads standard input and writes standard output.

       gawk '{ sum += $1 }; END { print sum }' file
       gawk -F: '{ print $1 }' /etc/passwd

Ok. Have you reinstalled the gawk package, and then checked that /bin/awk
actually exists?


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