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Re: rxvt, once again...


RXVT has it's own distinct advantages and many Cygwin users prefer it.

Initial placement _is_ under user control, if you go to the launching shortcut's Properties dialog, Layout pane, uncheck "Let system position window". Then you can enter the coordinates of the window's top-left corner in the "Window Position" numeric fields.

Randall Schulz

At 03:58 2002-12-23, Chris Game wrote:
In an earlier post, Randall R Schulz  wrote:

> So, create a Windows shortcut by right-dragging your RXVT executable
> icon to some new location (start with the desktop; when you're done,
> put it in the Start menu or the QuickLaunch bar, e.g.). Now open the
> properties dialog for the shortcut. In the "Shortcut" tab you can
> control the arguments (set window size and position here using usual
> X Window -g /
> -geometry option) and any other RXVT options you like (font,
> scrollback, colors, etc.). Here's what I use:
> D:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -g 110x89+485+-1 -bg #dddddd -fg #000000 -fn
> "Lucida ConsoleP-11" -sr -sl 5000 -tn rxvt -vb -e /bin/bash --login -i
> I set the initial working directory ("Start in:" field) to my Cygwin
> home directory (using Windows path name notation, of course).
> ....

That's interesting, but what's the advantage of rxvt over opening
cygwin/bash in a Windows command window, where all the formatting
options (except initial placement I grant you) are available from the
prompt window properties?

Chris Game <chrisgame@!yahoo!dotcodotuk>

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